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Discover Why We Get Over 15,500 Visitors To This Website In A Single Day Who Want To Own The Original 100 MPG iScoot

One spin around the block will be all you need to know why iScoots are the next “BIG THING”.

Sure, they pay for themselves in fuel savings (100 MPG), run as silent as a church mouse, emit virtually no fumes (great for the environment) and offer stylish looks that will get you noticed anywhere you go.

But the bottom line is, they are just  “Smile So Hard Your Cheeks Hurt” fun!

Whether it’s a Wednesday adventureto the grocery store or a weekend snaking through country roads, iScoot™ delivers freedom, excitement and adventure – at a value-driven price.

When you first see this scooter in your garage, you’ll be overcome with an automatic sense of empowerment and control. You’ll finally have an outlet to break free from the daily grind and see your surroundings in a whole NEW way.

These are feelings you’ll never forget. And iScoot™ lets you experience it all for “next to nothing”. We’re talking pennies! Just ‘fill it and forget it’ –  your iScoot™ sips fuel like bird and a gallon of gas gets you 100 glorious miles of pure adventure!

Plus… iScoots™ are….

Easy To Ride: No fumbling around with complicated gear shifting… just turn the key and hear the engine gently hum to life. Then effortlessly twist the throttle and go. It’s that easy!

Breakthrough Technology: iScoots™ are powered by an ultra-quiet 49cc motor that can glide you through the wind at speeds of up to 40mph (regulated state by state) while getting a “penny pinching” 100 mpg-saving you boatload of money on gas each week!

Instant Fun: Your iScoot™ doesn’t require a special license or insurance in most states. That means you can enjoy the open road for a day of excitement almost instantly! Plus, because of the automatic transmission iScoots are a breeze to operate – just twist the throttle and GO!

Scooters Are Just Plain Cool: In fact, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts just finished a movie (Larry Crowne) that features the story of a 50 year old man (Hanks) who reinvents his life as he enrolls in college and joins a group of scooter riders in Los Angeles. This is a great film that will take you behind the scenes and show you why the scooter lifestyle has become so popular with celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Micky Rourke and The Jonas Brothers. It will also inspire you to meet and join other riders in your community to form lifelong friendships.

First-Class Customer Support: Got a question? Need a spare part? No problem! Give us a call anytime and let one of our friendly and trained iScoot Customer Care reps take care of you on the spot! Our in-house employees love iScoots… and can’t wait to chat with you about yours!

Lightning-Fast Delivery! iScoots are stocked and ready to ship TODAY out of our massive temperature-controlled warehouse in Indiana. order yours today… and it ships today! No long waiting… no delays… no hassles!

… And much, MUCH more!

Did you know by simply using your scooter to run local errands like going to the bookstore, picking up groceries or visiting a friend’s home can slash your fuel bill by over $468 per year… or $2,340 in just 60 months!

This makes owning an iScoot actually FREE because your fuel savings alone exceed the entire purchase price of a brand-new 2011 iScoot!

And that’s just if you use your scooter to run simple errands. Imagine how much more money you can save if you use it to get to work on sunny days. That alone, depending on where you live, can easily save you an additional $50… $100… even $150 each and every month!

This is why owning an Original iScoot isn’t just a status symbol, a conversation starter or a fun recreational toy. It’s actually a smart investment that pays for itself.

And what could be more responsible than that?

You have nothing to lose – and new life of excitement, adventure and possibilities to gain.  Get in on the action by selecting (scroll back up to the top of the site) the color that best suits your personality… then hit the Continue button to see if you qualify, or click any of the tabs above (Why Choose An iScoot, About Us and Lifestyle) to discover even more about the Original iScoot!


Why does just about everyone who sees an iScoot want one?

It’s not just for the chic European styling or the 100MPG gas savings…it’s also for the unparalleled quality that goes into each of our high-end vehicles before they are allowed to wear the distinguished iScoot badge of honor.


Every iScoot begins its life in an array of sparks. It’s frame is never ‘bolted’ into being like those of a ‘regular’ scooter… but instead is solidified by dozens of welds forming a single rigid frame. Then the raw metal frame is submerged (just like a taffy apple) into a massive vat of primer.

Next, it is sprayed (even the bottom) with an enamel coating that protects the frame from road salt, rust and rot.


Even though most 49cc scooters have hundreds of moving parts and intricate mechanics that allow them to be legally driven on open ro ads – the Original iScoot offers unique, convenient and practical qualities not normally found in ordinary brands.

One example is the quiet 4-stroke engine that comes standard on an iScoot. Unlike some of the ‘cheaper’ brands that require you to go through the confusing process of mixing oil with gas each time you fill up your scooter (never really knowing if you are hitting the right ratio) – iScoot’s mixing technology is already built into the engine.

This means anytime you need to fill up your iScoot, you don’t need to clutter up your garage with several gas cans and get your hands full of oil and fuel, just to fill up your scooter. Instead, you simply pull up to any gas station, flip open the fuel cap – and fill ‘er up just like you would for your car. No mixing oil and gas required! This saves you time, aggravation and a HUGE mess in your garage.

Best of all, it gives your scooter a quieter ride, better emissions (great if you care about the environment) and eliminates that embarrassing ‘blue smoke’ lawnmower smell that other (cheap) scooters produce.


What makes an iScoot engine so reliable?

Well, there’s really no magic to it – it’s merely the art of paying attention to details.

For example, before any of our engines are installed onto the iScoot, they must first pass not one… not two… but THREE rigorous tests to ensure they are of the highest quality.

First, each engine is blasted by a liquid particle mix under air pressure to remove any metal shavings, oils or any impurities. This results in a mirror-clean image that will reveal any imperfections the eye can see.

Next, the engine is then connected to a state-of-the-art computerized testing bed before it gets installed into the iScoot. It is then tested in 3 separate phases – at idle, normal revolutions and FULL THROTTLE! If any component is not running perfectly during any of these phases, it is immediately pulled from the assembly line and discarded.

Last, after the engine has passed the computerized testing, it will then be individually examined to do by hand and eye what no machines can do. This includes a full-throttle run on a dyno machine and a parking lot test drive to make sure every component of the iScoot is running flawlessly before it is delivered to you.


All iScoots are equipped with premium alloy wheels, which not only look a lot better than steel… but they are also…

**LIGHTER: This gives your scooter more speed… better gas mileage… and saves you money!

**SAFER:  iScoot’s ultra-light alloy wheels improve handling and allow the suspension to follow the road, which improves the tire grip – giving you a safer ride.

**LASTS LONGER: Unlike steel, alloy wheels resist rust and bending, adding years of enjoyment to your iScoot!


Did you know up to 80% of your stopping power comes from the front brake?

It’s true! Because of this, your iScoot will be equipped with a hydraulic front-disc brake that gives you superior stopping power and drastically reduces ‘brake fade.’

They also perform better in wet weather, because centrifugal force will fling unwanted water right off the brake disc and keep it dry, resulting in a much safer ride.


iScoot engineers take great pride into creating not only a top-quality scooter, but one that also LOOKS amazing to the eyes! One of the ways we dothis is by using polycarbonate body panels. This is the same exact strong and durable material used in bullet-proof glass, football helmets – and the Original iScoot!

Polycarbonate has been proven to be MUCH safer than metal and much stronger than acrylic-type plastics some of our competitors may use. Plus, polycarbonate’s unique characteristics allow it to be ‘molded’ into a mirror-smooth finish, which creates the perfect canvas for our airless paint application process.

This is one of the reasons why when people first see the iScoot in person, they are shocked at how gorgeous the paint finish looks. With four brilliant colors to choose from, they are sure to make any garage or parking lot look like a million bucks!


Most people’s first reaction when the see the iScoot is, “Where can I buy one?” That’s because until recently you’d only see a scooter that looks like this driving down the streets in Venice or parked in front of the Eiffel tower! So seeing one in the United States is certainly going to command attention. For most iScoot owners, that’s more of an appeal than just the brilliant metallic paint, stylish European design or 100 MPG gas savings!


Costly options on some other scooter brands are always standard on an Original iScoot. Upgraded 3.5″ x 10″ tires that give you a smooth ride over ‘not so perfect’ pavement. DOT approved front turn signals… DOT approved rear turn signal lights with amber bulbs… DOT approved headlights, speedometer, trip mileage counter, front side reflectors and rear side reflectors. This means you can use your iScoot safely as daily transportation or as your weekend passport to adventure!


We are so confident you’ll fall in love with your new iScoot that we’ll let you check it out RISK FREE FOR 30 DAYS! If you are not absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt blown away by the gas savings, reliability and performance of your iScoot, simply send it back and you’ll get a refund. No other scooter company in the world offers this type of outrageous guarantee. But this and several other privileges come standard with every Original iScoot.


Becoming the owner of an Original iScoot entitles you to exclusive privileges no other scooter company in the country offers. This includes a dedicated iScoot Concierge phone line you can call if you have any questions, need a spare part or just want to chat about your iScoot! Remember, investing in an iScoot isn’t just about owning a scooter – it’s about becoming part of the iScoot Community, where we’ll create lifelong friendships and take care of you just like family!

The Original iScoot – 2011 Model Stats

Engine: 49cc. Electric Start, Fully Automatic
Automatic (CVT)
Top Speed:
Up to 40mph (Regulated state by state)
Front Disc, Rear Drum
68.5″ (L) x 25: (W) x 37: (H)
Weight Capacity:
250 LBS (including weight of driver and cargo)
Black, Red, Blue, Silver

Here’s What You Need To Do Now:

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About iScoot Motor Corporation

iScoot was founded on the principles of breakthrough engineering, relentless research and development, and a quest to offer the finest scooter in America.

Scratch that!

Of course… creating a high-end, top quality, safe and great looking product is our Number One priority, and we bend over backwards giving you First Class Customer Care. But all that corporate talk should be a given, anyway.

What we’re really passionate about… what gets our blood pumping and cements a permenant smile on our faces… is making you happy!

It’s about giving you an outlet to break away from the daily grind and exploring new and exciting places. It’s about being with people you like. And it’s about taking you back to a time when everything was… simple.

It’s About Being Adventurous Again!

Remember those days of roaring along back roads without the worry of speeding tickets or points on your insurance? Or… when all you needed for a good time was a couple of friends and some interesting conversation?

Those are things most of us never forget.

Your iScoot instantly takes you back to those good old days… and allows you to enjoy those experiences all over again.

When you swing into the saddle of an iScoot and twist the throttle, you’ll feel a burst of adrenline – revved up for tonight’s new adventures and look forward to the new and interesting people you will meet.

Can a scooter really make that kind of difference in your life?

You bet it can! Experience the thrill all over again by calling us toll-free at 1-800-277-1873 and asking about our Easy Payment plan today.

iScoot Headquarters
315 Post Road
Westport, CT 06880
Toll-Free Customer Care: 800-277-1873

We’re directly across the street from Morgan Stanley and downstairs from the law firm of Halloran & Sage. If you’re ever in the area, ‘scoot’ on by and say hello!


Owning an iScoot doesn’t just mean you own a scooter.

It’s so much deeper than that.

iScoots carry a strong meaning for those who ride them. They’re constant attention grabbers… conversation starters…and showpieces that will always attract people to you for reasons they can’t quite explain.

iScoots are an escape from the hectic world… an instant stress reliever… a time-machine that within seconds can transport you from a long, hard day right back to being young, carefree and blissfully happy again!

Not only that… but iScoot owners are automatically bonded together forever into the unique iScoot community. You’ll give each other complimentary waves on the road… share experiences and chat about your adventures at the next scooter rally… and form lifelong friendships instantly, without having to say a word.

At heart, we all want to be special… carefree… adventurous… and simply enjoy life as best as we can. That’s our mission here at iScoot Motor Corporation – to give you an outlet to break free from the stress life can bring…

And just LOSE YOURSELF in the pure excitement and freedom of your iScoot!