About iScoot Motor Corporation

iScoot was founded on the principles of breakthrough engineering, relentless research and development, and a quest to offer the finest scooter in America.

Scratch that!

Of course… creating a high-end, top quality, safe and great looking product is our Number One priority, and we bend over backwards giving you First Class Customer Care. But all that corporate talk should be a given, anyway.

What we’re really passionate about… what gets our blood pumping and cements a permenant smile on our faces… is making you happy!

It’s about giving you an outlet to break away from the daily grind and exploring new and exciting places. It’s about being with people you like. And it’s about taking you back to a time when everything was… simple.

It’s About Being Adventurous Again!

Remember those days of roaring along back roads without the worry of speeding tickets or points on your insurance? Or… when all you needed for a good time was a couple of friends and some interesting conversation?

Those are things most of us never forget.

Your iScoot instantly takes you back to those good old days… and allows you to enjoy those experiences all over again.

When you swing into the saddle of an iScoot and twist the throttle, you’ll feel a burst of adrenline – revved up for tonight’s new adventures and look forward to the new and interesting people you will meet.

Can a scooter really make that kind of difference in your life?

You bet it can! Experience the thrill all over again by calling us toll-free at 1-800-277-1873 and asking about our Easy Payment plan today.

iScoot Headquarters
315 Post Road
Westport, CT 06880
Toll-Free Customer Care: 800-277-1873

We’re directly across the street from Morgan Stanley and downstairs from the law firm of Halloran & Sage. If you’re ever in the area, ‘scoot’ on by and say hello!
iScoot Headquarters